Setting up:

Step 1.Now, go back to the dashboard and click on “Setup Software.”

Step 6.Select Stripe Payment Gateway.How To Add Affiliates:

Go to Users from the dashboard.

Step 11.Click on “Referral Programs”

Step 2.Tick on “Yes” where it says “do you want to setup recurring commissions”.Choose which type of commission you would want to give (Flat rate or percentage) and add the amount.Then, select “Match Email” and save it by clicking on “Continue”.[Most Mail The Ever I8217ve HATE PODCAST Received]<

Stripe is a software created to help more than a hundred countries accept payments online and set a new standard on online payments.From this page, you can add in the details about your affiliates and make sure you choose the referral program where you Setup Stripe Recurring Program.They provide fraud protection, technical, and even bank infrastructure to operate an online payment system.Stripe’s APIs are designed carefully to provide powerful functions that would help you have possible results in different cases.

Step 10.Once you are done adding the details to the fields provided, click on save.[Perfect Storm Using Tool The SMS Snow A Communication In]

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Step 9.After this, the recurring sales would then be added to affiliate users.[2017 And For Marketing Shopping Affiliate In Store Trends More Influencers 5]

.Click on +Add user from the top.

Step 5.They handle billions of dollars on a yearly basis because of their advancement in the business world.Now click on “Get Thank You Page Code”

Step 7.Once you have chosen the Referral Program you want to enable Stripe recurring commissions, click on “Show Advanced Settings”

Step 4.Go to your admin dashboard.Click on Connect to Stripe and then copy the code to your webpage.Edit the required one by clicking on the pencil icon on the right most part under “Action”

Step 3.Make sure that you update the code by changing the amount, transaction, and customer_email fields.To check recurring commissions, you can go to “Manage Recurring Sales” from Rewards menu from the admin dashboard.[Ultimate Holiday Marketing To The Guide Affiliate Promotions]

Step 8.
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