.Now get out there and create that perfect drip campaign.

A week later the AM had forgotten all about the affiliate, and the affiliate had already moved on to other things.Instead of just one “thanks for joining” email, you can send affiliates a series of emails.A drip campaign is going to save you time and help fill your inbox with potential.[PODCAST Success 8211 The 1 Holiday Factor REVEALED Affiliate 8 12 Part Promotions Of]

2.Do not miss the opportunity to connect with a high potential affiliate.Boldly Brand and Stand Out You ever send a newsletter out from the network? The base templates usually look like hot garbage, so unless you create a nice HTML template, it’s going straight to the affiliate’s trash can.Drip campaigns are going to keep your brand on the top of the affiliate’s mind.Make it as easy as possible for affiliates to succeed and they will reward you with the content they produce. Drip email campaigns are highly effective when done right. Your company probably has an email drip service already (hopefully), so make sure your head of marketing is involved in getting the right message to affiliates. If your company does not have an in-house email system in place yet, check out ConstantContact, Drip, & ActiveCampaign.

“Welcome to the program”, said the affiliate manager to the affiliate… and then there was silence.Most affiliate networks today will allow you to download a list of contact email.Emailing affiliates after they apply is a task that often gets put on the backburner.Grow Your Program Faster The hardest job of an AM is to get the affiliates to actually produce content.No Limitations One of the biggest hurdles an AM faces is that networks/ platforms have limitations to the amount of emails a company can send out when the affiliate joins the program.[Bulk Countries Sendmode 3 New SMS In Launches]

4.[Ready For 8211 NEW 1 Promotions SERIES Getting Part Affiliate PODCAST Holiday Your]

Here are four reasons you should be sending emails from your in-house emailing tool.

Dustin Howes specializes in affiliate manager coaching.But it’s 2019 and we live in a drip campaign digital world, so don’t fall behind.[How By Money Make Adam Blogging To Riemer]This article appeared in issue 46 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2019.Many affiliate programs do not take the time to construct a welcome sequence to help affiliates promote the brand.The end.

Does this story sound familiar? This tragic tale happens daily in the affiliate world.However, your in-house emailing system probably has some real nice branded templates that you can utilize to stand out. Beautifully crafted emails are going to see higher open rates, click-through rates, and response rates.[Marketing PODCAST Business Should On Build Affiliate Your You]

1.Learn to recruit better partners at Coalition.Marketing.Download a list daily of the newly joined affiliates and insert them into your in-house email system.The next day the AM (affiliate manager) was too busy to reach out with a personal hello, even though the affiliate’s website had a lot of potential.

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