Roughly 60 percent of urban India is connected while less than 20 percent of the rural population has access to the internet.So which digital product would be the first to cross half-a-billion mark in India? I would like to see a Made in India product there.

7 questions you must ask when building a product for a billion users

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Address the questions below and understand the vital links to billion Indians:

    Is it compatible?Does it have a cultural fitment? Demographic fit?Is it credible, secure and reliable?Will it replace a habit?Will it make me feel special? Is it cool?Does it require a learning curve? Is it easy to onboard?

India offers an opportunity like no other.Here is a shorter version of the same:

Last year, India added 100 million new users to the internet.It’s the most expeditious growing internet market in the world with a potential to add another 200 million first-time users in the next three years.We are lucky to be in India building for this massive market.India is expected to cross 600 million internet users by 2020 making it the second biggest connected country in the world.

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