While email marketers often work diligently to increase the size of their email lists, there isn’t much benefit to mailing recipients who have signaled they no longer want to receive marketing messages.When they engage more frequently with a particular type of content, the advertiser is likely to provide more of it in future campaigns.If scores are too low, email sent from

a particular sender may go straight to the spam folder or simply not be delivered.Beyond the potential fines and legal penalties that come from non-compliance, ignoring recipients’ requests will negatively impact the entire email program.All that does is depress overall response


However, running a compliant email program leveraging industry best practices has a number of additional benefits.[How Your App When Mobile Developing Save Money To]

Tom Wozniak is the Executive Director of Marketing at email compliance and suppression list management company, OPTIZMO.

Long-Term Audience Engagement

A successful email program goes beyond the results of a single campaign.If a higher percentage of recipients report messages as spam, unsubscribe, or delete without opening, that information is taken into account when calculating a sender reputation score.Over time, a mailer will likely send multiple emails to the same recipients.The higher the response rate to a key success measure (like sales) the better.This will lead to a more productive email program overall.[Growth Explosive Strategy PODCAST Simple Affiliate Sales For]


For many email marketers, running a program that is compliant with CAN-SPAM is seen as a legal requirement, whose main benefit is avoiding potential fines or other legal penalties.[Hour Review 12 Arbitrage]

Mailbox providers evaluate email senders on a variety of criteria, including how recipients treat the emails they receive from a sender.Email marketers spend a lot of time optimizing their campaigns to continuously improve those response rates.As it happens, running a compliant email program will lead to higher response rates.

Higher Response Rates

Email marketers measure the success of their campaigns by the responses they generate.Much of that listening comes from

monitoring how recipients engage with/respond to emails.Visit here for the full edition.[Campaigns To You Affiliate Budget How Build Use CPA Review Can ReBirth For It A And]

The post 3 Ways Compliance Improves your Email Program – By Tom Wozniak appeared first on Affiliate Magazine.This article appeared in issue 46 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2019.That long-term relationship is built on the value of the content being sent, how they interact with and listen to recipient signals.This is another area where compliance is a huge benefit.[To App Optimization Back And Firebase Basics Indexation]

One of the most important of those being an unsubscribe request.

If a recipient opt-outs of future email campaigns, but continue receiving email messages from an advertiser, they are almost certainly going to react negatively.By honoring opt-out requests promptly, response rates are actually optimized.[Off8230and THIS 3 I PODCAST Weeks Took Happened]

Sender Reputation

Much as an email marketer benefits from having a positive relationship with their recipients, there is another important group between the sender and recipient – the email/mailbox provider.It’s also important to monitor the negative signals they send.
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